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If you are the artist, perhaps you have never done this before. You usually just play music until someone says ‘ One more song’.

How do you prepare for a timed set?      It is really simple.

On our show there are three music sets .  Check the format page to find out exactly how long each set will be.
You talk about 2-2.5 words per second.  30 seconds is about 60 words. A minute is about 120 words. Try it. 

For each set, you have to pick songs that add up to less than the total set. Add about 30 seconds each for a quick song intro. Try it
When you reach the end of the music, you can talk to fill, about where you regularly perform, or where people can find your music, or where you live.

2 four minute songs is 8 minutes.  Find a song that is shorter than the time left in your set. Use 30 seconds introducing each song. Try it, and time it.  If you are on time, you can easily talk about your regular gigs or your website for 30 seconds.

Do the same for each of the three sets. Congratulations, you just did it. Shameless self promotion is ok. Just do it tastefully. We will help you do it in the interviews.

The Computer timer helps.
At three minutes remaining, the time turns yellow.
At one minute it turns red. .