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We just started our second year, with some big changes. We needed a new host, and we got 4, each of them very good, and each different in their own way. This coming week, Creative PR gets the word about Studio Session Live to 300 NPR stations. That's not a full publicity campaign, but it is a start, within our budget, and gets our name out.

This year we are using wireless cueing, so we don't need any stage monitors The sound is the better for it. During one of Kala's songs, I walked out of the room, and past the whole main bar, and handed the earphones to Garret. It's like suddenly being 4 inches from the performer, but in the next room. Stunning.

Sunday we recorded another 4 shows.  Our guests started with Bill Bellamy with an hour of jazzy bluesy folk.  Then Bill Monroe (WS Monroe) mixed a variety of songs with an Appalachian flavor, many A Capella. Kala Farnham showed what happens when you mix classical training and an original singer songwriter. She stopped us all in our tracks as she redefined keyboard. If you missed it, you lost out. Finally Stephen Beckwith gave us an hour to remember

So now we look forward to another 48 shows. We can tell you that they will include Sweet Wednesday, the incredible Emily Barnes returns, Matt Borrello is getting his set ready, and Dave Provost will make up the fourth show for April 9th. Each and every one a great show.

But wait: April 23rd is very interesting.  we welcome back Andy and Judy with some new music, we have Danielle Miraglia, Eric Lee, and Greta Stroebel

We are will talk to many more artists, some of who you may know. Information on them coming soon.